Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog.

I love it when people find freedom from anything, guilt, shame religion, limitations, confusion, doubt etc. I hope my weekly blog will help you get free, stay free or stay encouraged all week. If your a preacher you could find a message there too!

PS if you want a daily thought to help you each day- checkout my tweets  @Pastounded.  We are the product of our thinking so these are to get you thinking great thoughts.  Ive been a  follolwer of Jesus for 30 years so no appologies for biblical truths. I have found while counselling and coaching people over the years that the Truth of the Bible works in people’s life and families and actually are the only thing that works for the big questions in life.  My tweetsare about four subject matters; Relationships, Personal growth, Discipleship, and Sonship.

Happy reading!


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