The Rock Song

The Rock Song
Moses had led the people right to the Promised land but he was not able to go in. As Moses’ ministry was drawing to a close he reflects upon the wonderful God that had led him. Before he gives his last address and blessing to the people of Israel, he first gives his last song. Before both Moses and David spoke their final message to men they both had a song about God the Rock. (Deu 32:4)
It is the song in your heart to God that determines the message that we have to speak from God to men, and if we are going to speak with men on behalf of God we better make sure we first have a song. Without a song leading people can be hard work. Without a song there would be death in the pot of doctrine and our disciplined lifestyle becomes drudgery. Without a song discipling men and women becomes just a difficult duty.
When men and women see your song, they are touched by Gods Spirit (Ps 40.3) Moses and David had a new song in their mouth, and because of their song many trusted or gained greater confidence in the Lord. The effective ministry of Gods spirit into the lives of people is furthered when they see the song we have in our heart. Our song is our qualification and validation that we are heaven sent.
Friend, God wants to put a new song in your heart. Ask for His new song today. It will strengthen you and those who are watching you.


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