Fathers face

Recently my second daughter had a new baby boy. Over the next few weeks he will begin to recognize his parent faces. Little babies look up and contented by the sight of their father’s familiar face, feel that all is well in their world. A child’s identity is related to their father and mother. Identity is about, who we are, who we are related to and the value we have to them.
Our identity first comes by seeing our father’s approval in his loving face, as we were growing up. The images in our heart and mind, of his smile, encouragement and love, even when we failed, stamp us with inner security and worth, giving us the strength to live life well. This is important as our identity will always express itself. If you are a postman you do things that postmen do. If you are a police man you act like a police man. And even if you think you are a police man and you are not really a police man, you still act like one!
As we see God our Father’s face and His love for us in the Word, we develop a new identity that will determine what we do and what we act like.
Friend, our Father has revealed Himself to us in Jesus and He wants us look into the realm of Spirit and see His look of love and approval.


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