Restoration of Peter

The sound of the rooster had hardly left his ears when Peter was gripped by remorse. Embarrassed by his past, he wished he could have his time over again. How could he have been so weak and fearful?
Of course Peter would feel pretty bad after denying Jesus but Satan had seized the opportunity to condemn him terribly. The devil seeks to sow lies into our hearts after we have failed. Lies like, “Jesus will not want to meet with you; He’ll never want to work miracles for you; you have annoyed God too much; you have lost your call and actually you don’t really love God at all,” but look how Jesus restores him.
First He comes to him. God always initiates and is never put of by our failures! Then He calls Peter and the others children, affirming their family relationship with God. He then performs a miracle to help him, showing that God is not offended and still wants to bless him. Next He arranges for the fire and the coals to bring past memories to the foreground so Jesus could speak over them with truth. He renews the call, and finally Jesus gets Peter to affirm 3 times that he still loves Him. By doing that, Jesus is undoing all the shame and the lies the devil had been telling Peter.

Friend, it matters not what we think of ourselves or what the devil wants us to think but it does matter what Jesus thinks. Let Jesus have the final word, He loves you, believes in you and thinks you are an awesome brother or sister and His plans for you are still good.


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