Woman you are loosed

Jesus stood up in the synagogue, angry that a woman could be 18 years in the house of God and still bent over by an evil Spirit. (Luke 13.11)
How did a faithful women get bent over in the house of God? Maybe she thought she deserved it somehow. Jews believed if you were righteous then good things would come to you but if you were unrighteous then bad would happen to you. (This was a generalisation, for numerous bad things happen to good people.)
The troubles of life touch us all, but it is never what happens to us in life that bends us out of shape, rather it is always the lies that Satan attaches to those events. The women had been lied to by the enemy and she had believed it. “You’ll never get help; your too old, you’re too young; God doesn’t care for you; you must have been a bad person; your life is a waste of time or you’ll never be strong or wise.” What lies has the enemy told you? Maybe the devil has sown lies about God. “God can’t forgive you that many times” and as we believe his lies, we start bending over; looking down instead of looking up.
Friend, the truth is, Jesus loves you and wants you free from every lie of Satan. Let His word reach you and touch you and make you stand up straight as a pillar in His house. Women you are loosed from your infirmity.


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