Lazarus Come Forth

If it wasn’t for the small crowd that followed the sisters to their brother’s tomb it would have been a quiet place.
Jesus had stayed two more days in the place he was, when he was told of Lazarus sickness, so by the time they travelled for a week to get to Bethany, Lazarus had been dead already four days. The sisters’ said “If you had of come earlier, He would have still been alive.” (John 11) They were offended at Jesus for not doing what they thought he should have and could have done. Neither woman realised that when God does “nothing” He’s doing something!
Lazarus was going to come forth but he would never be the same as the Lazarus that lived before. Jesus came to call forth the new Lazarus.
Jesus said “Take away the stone” but the sisters protested that death has begun its work of deconstruction and that the old Lazarus will stink.
Jesus cries out the name of his friend Lazarus and a vast and unseen power infuses the man with resurrection life.
Friend, in some of our situations Jesus seems to come “too late” but if the voice of Jesus can bring Lazarus back from the dead is there any situation that the voice of Jesus cannot bring to life, even after it seems that death has won and besides, when He calls you from the from the grave you have been in, His resurrection life will have changed you forever. Listen for His voice.


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