God is Prepared

Jonah wasn’t ready to obey God, so when he was asked to go to Nineveh to preach, he did the opposite. He fled from the presence of the Lord but God had prepared a great storm, a great fish and a great revival for Jonah.
God used the storm to bring Jonah back on track and He provides storms some times in our lives that help us fulfil our calling and life purpose. Paul said he had finished his course, at the end of his life but he knew that God had used storms to blow him, around parts of the course he would never have chosen himself.
Even if the devil brings a storm, God will use it for his purposes. Have you ever seen anywhere in the bible where the devil actually gets one up on God? The one time Satan thought he had won, when Jesus was on the cross, God was actually defeating the devil. When the devil thinks he has you on the ropes, God really has him in His sights.
What the enemy means for evil God has already planned to use for your good. God cannot react, only act. To react means someone got in first but nobody gets in before God. Nothing catches Him by surprise.
Friend, God already knows and has a plan. The bottom line is it doesn’t really matter who the storm is from, God will still have his way it the storm. Nahum 1.3


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