The fragrance of Him

Esther was chosen by the King, but before she went in to the see the King, she underwent special fragrant treatments, to make her smell nice. She needed to smell just right for the King.
In India in times past, the wife of the Maharajahs used to clothe themselves with a tent like dress, then light a perfumed incense wick under the big dress, till the smouldering fragrance, got in to every pore of her body.
A great theme in the Bible is that husband and wife should be equally yoked to each other. They should have the same “fragrance” about their life. In the Song of Songs, we find the bride groom and the bride have the same perfume. The fragrance is a picture of the fragrant anointing of God Spirit upon our life.
Once our family was visiting the Fragonard perfume factory, in Grasse France and we learnt that it was invented there, to help the workers hide the smell of tanning animal hides. The men would rub it on themselves before they went home!
The priests of Israel too, had to anoint themselves with the holy anointing oil, to cover the smell of their natural flesh, as they came into Gods presence. The flesh has a fragrance of its own; it is the smell of man, without God.
Friend, God has provided us with the fresh, clean and holy garments of righteousness and they smell great. The fragrance of the Holy Spirit upon you smells just like him. Draw near he’s approving of you!


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