For me or for Him

The royal treasures of the King Ahasuerus, were opened for the girls, as they prepared to present themselves before the king. They knew that whatever they took with them, they were able to keep, even if they were rejected by the King. Many of the girls took a lot of jewels to wear but Esther took nothing with her, except what Hegai suggested.
When the king saw that she had taken little of his royal treasures, he knew the girl was not after his money or his palace but only him. Even when the king offered half of his kingdom, she said she wanted nothing but his presence at a banquet. “I want to you to be my guest; I want to entertain you.” Esther never came into the king’s presence, to see what she could get; she wasn’t thinking how it was going to benefit her personally. She was not like Judas, who said “What will you give me?” who saw relationships as a means to gain personally.
Friend, worship, tithing, giving, serving and prayer is not about sowing something so we can gain a return from God, but they are simply ways we can bring Him pleasure and show our gratitude.


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