Hollow Men

Gideon hid his grain in the wine press from the Midianites. He secretly wondered why Israel was beaten. He couldn’t believe it when God appeared and told him he was chosen to deliver Israel, nor could he believe it when God called him a mighty man of valour. Barak, David and Samuel also, where not from grand families. They had no political pull or stately position. They were weak but God chose them and worked through them. Because of their weakness and ordinariness, we stand back and say “Wow, God was so good, so gracious and so amazing.” God’s army has always been an army of “hollow” men and hollow women; empty people, whose very hollowness, invites the residence of Almighty God. It is easy to think that Gods great last day army, should be unaffected by the ailments of mortal men but God does not to require a people of titanium strength and chromium brilliance but people growing and trusting God in spite of great weakness. Sometimes we hear the call to follow Jesus and all we can see is the glaring faults in our own life and all we think is, “What could God do with me?”
Friend, it will always be a challenge to step up and do what God asks us individually or in a team. Maybe it’s God’s plan that you never feel strongly able, so that we rely upon him. You might think in two years time you’ll feel adequate, but it may never change. You are never going to get the point where you don’t need Gods help or his grace. It is not God’s plan to deliver us from human need or weakness, only from human sin.


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