New scent

The nation of Moab, were a distant relative of Israel but they did not have such a turbulent history as Israel. They had not been subject to any changes. Jeremiah the Prophet said “Moab has been at ease since his youth; he has not been emptied from vessel to vessel, so his taste remains and his scent has not changed.”
Wine was made by decanting the fermenting wine, off into other vessels and leaving the dregs behind in the first. This purified the wine and improved the scent of the wine.
The people of Moab had not been poured out and had become rancid with a taste and smell not pleasing to God, because they had not been poured out as it were; there had been no changes in their life.
When we are emptied from vessel to vessel or we are taken to a place that is foreign to us or even difficult for us, our scent can begin to change. We begin to smell more of Jesus; more humble, less self confident more reliant on God. We smell more of the supernatural; of the grace of God. In the new situation we can’t rely ourselves anymore; we are out of our depth and have no pat answers; we need the Holy Ghost. But great things begin to happen when you are in a place of change. You begin to draw closer to God; you’re desperate for Him to turn up in your life.
Friend, changes in our life helps us to develop the fear of the Lord and a new scent about our life. As we cry out to God in our need, He pours new wine into our vessel. The new wine always takes up the shape of the new vessel or situation we find ourselves in; it is totally sufficient; it will always stretch out to fill our new reality.


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