Power of Change

The people of Israel were in trouble as the state sponsored religion of Baal worship, took a dark grip over their minds and their nation. Elijah had been sent by God to confront the king and had prophesied there would be no more rain except by his word. During the drought God provided for Elijah by feeding him with bread carried by ravens and drinking from the brook Cherith.
Now ravens are not that reliable. The book of Proverbs says they won’t even feed their young, let alone give scarce food to a prophet, so we can imagine that Elijah really prayed that they would come before they ate the food themselves. For the first few weeks he was probably nervous that the ravens might not show, so he prayed a lot. After three months of faithful delivery by the birds, he grew a little more relaxed and only prayed for a while before breakfast down by river.
After Seven months Elijah was confident they would turn up, so he’d wander out of the shade, looking for the birds, right on tea and breakfast time.
About that time he just noticed that the brook wasn’t quite as full as it usually was. He was sure it was dropping so he began to pray a bit more. As the days ticked by and the brook continued to dry up to just a trickle, he began to seek God in earnest. We all do that don’t we?
Perhaps Elijah got used to Gods provision and began to take it for granted. Maybe he was beginning to trust in the ravens reliability rather than Gods faithfulness. Perhaps he needed circumstances that would position his heart in readiness for the word of the Lord?
Friend, is God using changes in our circumstance to get our attention and to get us seeking Him, so we can hear his voice afresh.


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