Is that you Lord?

Elijah was deep in the cave when he heard the sound of four tremendous manifestations of Gods’ presence. First God passed by just like Elijah had hoped, as he thought about when Moses met with God. Then there was a wind with nuclear like energy; the greatest wind that has ever swept the earth. This was 1000 times stronger than the wind that parted the seas for Moses. This wind parted rocks and split granite with its power. It was frightening! Then there was an earthquake, followed by fire falling from heaven which blackened and melted the rocks with heat, but God was not in any of these things.
Though all of those manifestations of Gods power could break things, shake thing and burn things, they could build things or create anything.
The most powerful of the all manifestation of God is His voice; the Word of the God. A still small voice from God has more power than the greatest kingdom on earth. The greatest power on earth is Gods’ Word coming to a man. Only the Word of God can bring increase and healing. By His voice He creates worlds, brings forth hail, rises up governments and hospitals and causes small babies and churches to be birthed.
In Acts 6 the Word of the Lord increased as they gave themselves to prayer and the Word of God. The Word increased and the number of disciples increased. The word of Lord increasing doesn’t mean they found extra pages but that the Word of God began to have increasing effect. There was increased revelation from the scriptures; increased understanding and application. It was powerful preaching. They began to hear Gods voice even more; the Word of Lord came stronger and clearer.
Friend, that is God’s plan for you, flow with him. Hear his voice and it will heal your heart and change your world.


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