Fixed heart

One day Saul, who hated David and was pursuing him all over the hills of southern Israel, came into the very cave that David was hiding. David’s men insisted that this was God’s opportunity for David to kill Saul, in order to become King.
David had had a prophecy he’d be king and he had been anointed by the prophet of God. Not only that, but Saul was abusing Gods people and deaf to the prophetic word from God. Saul built no altars to God, only a monument to himself and finally he sought to murder David. Everybody loved David and it was obvious to the nation that Saul was losing Gods favor. But David had character, he had a fixed heart. He believed that that his times and his life were in God’s hands. David said “my heart is fixed” (Ps 57.7) He believed that God could and would remove Saul in his time. He would not move against him, but was convinced that God would vindicate and promote him at the right time.
To fix our heart means to keep it steadfast, immovable and stable; choosing to consistently maintain a Godly attitude.
Friend, character does not prove itself in the first test or the second test but on the hundredth and the five hundredth test. Character is simply a fixed attitude. As attitudes are tested and maintained you show you have character. You may not be able to fix your circumstances, but you can fix your heart. Fix it upon Him.


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