Encourage yourself in the Lord

David returned to Ziglag from the battle, to find that his family and his soldiers’ families had been taken captive. The men, who were his friends, now talked of killing him; it was his lowest hour. With no one else to encourage him he encouraged himself in the Lord. He began to build a spirit of encouragement around his life, as he declared, sung and thought about Gods faithfulness.
We can create the atmosphere in which we walk. We choose it or the devil will choose for you. He wants you to walk in doubt and fear and without joy. He’ll bring that sort of presence and atmosphere around you life but with God’s word we can create and build atmosphere of faith.
We have to know Gods word first of course but then we need to confess it. Our words and faith, build the spiritual atmosphere around our lives. God used words to build the natural world and the spiritual world and we can use words too, to build in the spirit realm. Words can build a covering in the spirit, release spiritual light or spiritual clouds around us. Our spirit clothes are the result of words; garments and amour from words we have built around us in the spirit. We wear around our life, the words we have been speaking.
Jude said “Build up your-self in the holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost.” Every word creates faith or slowly dissipates the faith around us. David encouraged himself in the Lord by words. He said “You are my Rock. You’re my fortress” and his faith grew.
Friend, you may face times when people around you are not that encouraging or up building, but you know what you can do. Don’t let others words determine the joy you live in; make your own atmosphere.


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