The Future You

Moses was set afloat on the river by his mother who was hoping that her son would escape the murderous plans of the Pharaoh. His mother believed he was special and the devil seemed to know it, so he sought to destroy the deliverer before he could grow up. Of course Moses lived and eventually those seeking to destroy Moses, were destroyed in the Red sea. While the devil was planning their destruction, God was in the middle of the defeating the devil.
The brand new nation of Israel was marching out of Egypt, when the angry Pharaoh chased after them. He tried to kill Israel while they were young as a nation, before they could become great and strong. Gods’ plans for you are awesome as well. The devil wants to stop what God plans for you, before it unfolds fully. The devil maybe trying to stop you, but what he is seeking to stop even more, is the “future you.” He knows that Gods plan for you, is better than who you are now. You will be more blessed, more intimate with God and more powerful. He will never stop you then so he will try to stop you now. He tried to kill Moses as a child because he knew who he was to become. He tried to kill the Jesus as a child because he knew he was to be the Savior.
If the devils attacking you and seeking to destroy your faith, your hope, your joy, and your strength now, it is because he knows you have a great future. Don’t give up just because your family rubbished you, or because you slipped up into some sin this week.
Friend, don’t give up but rise up, with gratitude and faith in God who forgives, gives grace and who has already planned to bless you.


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