Neighbor from heaven

God has designed the relationships we have, to do us good and to help us grow in character, but until this becomes a conviction, we will always have the wrong attitudes and feelings toward people. Our convictions always determine our attitudes and feelings. The people that stretch our patience are not really neighbors from hell at all, they maybe neighbors from heaven. If we respond correctly, all difficult relationships will make us better but if we don’t respond correctly, they will make us bitter. Often we let relationships reveal immaturity in our hearts, instead of allowing the difficulty, to help us to grow in the characteristics of patience, love and forgiveness.
Without a conviction that it is God who brings people into our lives, we are likely to murmur and complain, because we think that other people like the boss, are directing our life or determining our happiness, and not God. We can actually become idolaters, reducing God down to the size of a small Sunday God, but not the God of the universe or my situation from Monday to Friday.
That doesn’t mean that everything people do to you, is the will of God or must be accepted. Obviously if we are asked to do something which is illegal or immoral, we should not do it and God doesn’t expect anyone to be put up with being hurt or damaged.
Friend, God brings or allows people into our life not so we can copy them or react to them but so we can respond to them, in the appropriate way, for our growth and their blessing.


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