Snake among Sticks

King David was growing old and weaker by the day, and he had not made it clear who was to succeed him. In the castle at Jerusalem, there hung an atmosphere of suspense and uncertainty. This lack of clarity exposed the secret designs within the hearts of his sons.
God sometimes allows people to get into a position of weakness, to expose the hearts of those around them. Much earlier in his life, David had fallen into sin with Bathsheba and now he was old with family troubles. While the king was at low ebb in his life, his son Absalom arose in rebellion. (2 Sam15) Centuries before, when Moses was vulnerable, Korah came out fighting, seeking power in his moment of weakness and many times in modern church life that still happens. (Exodus 16) When Paul’s was shipwrecked, his men collected sticks for a fire. As they began to warm themselves by the fire, a snake came out of the fire, from among the sticks. It took the fire to reveal the snake amongst the sticks.
In Contrast, when Saul was weak and vulnerable, David had stopped himself and others rising up against Saul, saying “not to touch the Lords anointed”
Pressure and crisis doesn’t make character flaws, they just reveal them. Similarly relationships never cause problems, they just reveal them.
Friend, our relationships are as good as the test to which it they have been put. Troubles show whether our fruit is real, fire reveals the snakes and it is the severe scouring of the pot that shows whether the vessel is gold or gilded.


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