Following me

David in his most loved Psalm says that Gods goodness and mercy will follow him all the days of his life. That means today, tomorrow and next week there will not be one day, when God’s goodness and his mercy does not follow us. That means right now, the goodness and the mercy of God is following you. The word actually means to pursue relentlessly and run someone down.
We have to ask why God would cause His goodness and his mercy to follow us, rather than go in front of us; preparing a way before us, as we walk in life.
Though He never stopped Adam (or us) from sinning, after he sinned, His goodness and his mercy moved to restore Adam again to himself. He didn’t stop Abraham from abandoning his wife, but three days later His goodness and His mercy caught up with Abraham and Sarah was delivered from Abimelech, who sent Abraham out with many flocks.
Sometimes God give us a promise but it usually takes time. We have to wait for His promise to catch up to you. Moses had been told by God to lead the people out of Egypt into the Promised Land. When he got to the Red sea, it seemed impossible to cross but God said stand still. As Moses waited, he looked back and saw the hordes of the Egyptians following the Israelites, but that was not all. The goodness and the mercy of God were following Moses too, and it soon caught up with them. The whole nation was delivered as God power moved.
Friend, if it seems to be a hard time in your life, stand still and wait for Gods goodness and His mercy to catch up to you, because it will.


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