God at work

I used to work for the Ministry of Works and sometimes they would have a sign in the middle of the road saying “Caution men at work.” It reminds me, that all of us need a sign up around our life every day, which says Caution God at Work!
There are no secular moments when you are a believer and no secular jobs. Obviously, the glorious church is made up of truck drivers, lawyers and housewives. God uses their work hours and jobs to perfect them. Every part of our life; whether brushing our teeth, having breakfast and driving to work, are all spiritual, as He is always at work!
Sometimes we think that God stays in the closet when we go to work but our life is like a movie. If you could stop each frame and look into it you’ll see God in every frame. God doesn’t compartmentalize our training or life, like maybe we do. We send our children to music for music lessons, gym for physical strength; to school to educate their minds and Church for their spiritual growth, but no – all of life is His. He has one school and we are in it full time. He makes use of every experience and every acquaintance we have through the day.
In Luke 12:42, the workers are told to look for the Lords coming as they are working though out the day. If they are not watching for his coming they are given a portion like the unbelievers. In other words, a life where they cannot see God at work, in and around their lives.
Friend, God is always with you and always working in you. God goes to work with you, not just to help you do your work but to work in you, his will for your life. God’s plans will not be accomplished in only church services; it is accomplished in life. That is why you can’t become a saint in a monastery.


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