At one point in their history, Israel had not yet possessed all the land they were given by God. Saul was the king but the army was under equipped. They were trying to possess the Promised Land but the Philistine’s had taken way all their weapons. The only blacksmiths were in the land of the Phillistines, so every time they needed ploughs, spades or axes sharpened, the Israelites had to go down to the enemy to have them sharpened, consequently the weapons and instruments where often blunt and dull. The phillistines couldn’t keep Israel out of their land but they kept them without sharp weapons.
If the devil can’t stop you from entering into the land, he will seek to take away your weapons and if he can’t do that, he will make sure they are blunt and ineffective. If our axe is dull, our ability to get to the root of the matter – to be able to work deeply and in people’s lives – to be able to discern root issues- root causes root problem and the roots that the enemy is placed in people’s lives; is limited. And if our sickle is without sharpness, it will not be able to bring in the harvest of fruit. When the sickle is sent into the harvest blunt and without a sharp edge, it only bruises the harvest.
Friend, the fruit is ready, the harvest is ripe. The enemy will seek to keep us blunt and dull but God requires us to be sharp in our spirits and the “Oiled Stone” can whet the edge of our sword today.


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