In the presence of enemies

David went up to the tabernacle to sit before the Lord and feel His presence but he knew He would feel even more power, when he left the tabernacle. As David considered the challenge of the hour, the obstacles were great. The nation was in turmoil and there was trouble in the nations around him. Still he had learned one thing; God anoints him in the presence of his enemies. The anointing comes to deal with our enemies; that is the purpose of the anointing. That tells me that when we face our enemies God will anoint us in that place. I think that most of us would like to live in the presence of the Lord but who needs armour, weapons or power till you are in the presence of the enemy? The Lord is saying “I’m going to provide for you right in front of whatever enemy you have and I’m going to anoint you right there as you face you enemy!” In Psalm 92 we notice that Gods enemies and our enemies are the same. So God deals with our enemies and his enemies together. And the Psalmist declares that God would exalt the Psalmists horn like the horn of a wild ox and that through the anointing of fresh oil, he would see his desire upon his enemies. Friend, the way God deals with our enemies (which are his enemies) is through a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. Receive it today.


3 Replies to “In the presence of enemies”

  1. Yes, God not only anoints us as we face the enemy, but He prepares a feast for us in front of them as well (Psalm 23). We are His children, He anoints us with the Spirit, and invites us to feast on His Word and living water. It took me many years to figure out than it is in our abiding faith in Him that we become rich in His blessings and strong in the face of the enemy.

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