God always wins

Esther hurried away from the meeting with her uncle; she already had a plan in her mind. Esther was a young Jewish woman who had recently been selected to be the Kings new wife. The king didn’t know she was a Jew and the king’s governor Haman, had just asked the king to allow an attack upon all the Jews in his kingdom. Haman had convinced the king that the Jews were his enemy and had gained royal permission to write a decree, that every Jew should be robbed, killed and destroyed.
Her Jewish uncle Mordecai had asked her to intercede on behalf of her people. Esther successfully exposed Haman’s plot to the King and God through Esther and the king, turned the tables on Haman. Although the first royal decree to attack the Jews could not be changed, the king wrote another decree, giving the Jews full authority to fight back and eventually Haman himself was destroyed upon the gallows.
Although Jesus destroyed the authority of the devil on the cross, He didn’t annihilate him completely. He still exists; he is malevolent and seeks to undermine our lives. Today, although the enemy’s plan to steal, kill and destroy us, remains, Jesus has empowered us by His decree and Word, to fight and defeat the devil and all his plans. What the enemy means for evil, God has already planned to use for your good. The devil is a pawn in His hand to develop the saints. Even if he’s on your case, Gods plan is to use him to make you stronger, which ultimately will bring about your success and his destruction. When God’s people came up to the Red sea after leaving Egypt, Pharaoh thought he would destroy Israel, but God was engineering an event that would destroy Pharaoh and his plans.
Friend, never fear what the devil can do to you, but based upon the decree that Jesus has made about you and your new authority, live in a way that makes him fear, what you can do to him.


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