Attack the enemy

David ran toward the looming Philistine with his sling ready. He knew what he had to do and who his enemy was. Some of us know exactly what our enemies are. Maybe its fear, porn, laziness or some other thing like greed but they are enemies hindering you from living how you know you should. Sometimes giants rise up in our path, like unbelief and doubt, against the dreams that God has put in our heart. The anointing of Gods Spirit is His only answer.
If we can’t discern what enemies we have, the anointing is the eyes salve to heal our eyes. It is the equipment we need to discern things in our lives that are not Gods agenda for our life. Maybe you feel like you don’t really need a fresh anointing of God; that life is manageable or that you don’t have enemies or any real need. I’d like to suggest the reason the church has no fresh anointing today is that we face few enemies. Perhaps we are even dwelling at ease in Zion. We are to push into new areas, with a spirit of conquest. There’s a world to win, a city to change, there are spirits reigning where they shouldn’t be reigning.
There were giants in the land proudly boasting of their power and strength against Gods army, but David new he was anointed to rule on the behalf of God, he was the spiritual ruler on the Earth, under God. He knew Gods kingdom was to be brought to earth; he knew what the anointing was for. He knew that if he stood up against his enemies, God would destroy them. So he rose up from the ranks and ran to the battle and the anointing brought the victory.
Friend, you too need to rise up and began to face some enemies. Our lives then will hit the mark just like David’s stone.


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