Seven locks

Samson enjoyed Delilah but while he was asleep in the lap of compromise, he was shorn of his hair; and along with his hair, the strength of anointing that clothed his weakness. We are all weak without Him. We don’t we like weakness and we want to be in control; we don’t want things to be too big for us. We want the walls to be small enough to climb with a ladder, if the shout doesn’t work. We don’t want to have to trust God; we want concrete, not water under our feet.
But nothing about being a disciple of Jesus is possible without miracles. It is impossible to lives as a Christians without supernatural intervention.
The task of changing hardened sceptics into people who will die for Jesus Christ, is of course impossible, apart from miracles from God and miracles only happen in the circumstance of weakness, need and impossibility.

Gods plan is to work though weak vessels so he get the credit. In fact he even says “My power is made perfect in your weakness.” When Paul understood this he said “Therefore I will gladly boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” Can we say too, that we are more interested in Gods power being released through us, than in our comfort or ease?
Trials and troubles pull us to our knees but when there is no pressure, we drift toward the arm of the flesh and our spiritual effectiveness withers. Samson was a man who forgot where his strength lay. (Judges 16:17) Without God he was as weak as any man.

Friend, it takes the full 7 locks of Gods anointing to fulfill our destiny. The saddest thing is that many of us are happy to live with one or two locks. Lets grow some “hair” in His presence today.


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