Cross over

One day Jesus got into a boat and said “Let us go across to the other side of the lake.” While they sailed, he fell asleep. (Luke 8:22) A storm arose and t they began to fill with water. They wake him, he rebuked the wind and there was a great calm. He then asked them “Where is your faith.” When they reached Gerasenes on the other side, Jesus delivers a man with hundreds of demons. When we read this story, we usually put our self as the centre of the story with the disciples. We see Jesus accompanying the disciples but the centre of the Bible is never about the disciples, the main character in the Bible is Jesus.
It is Jesus that is about to cross over. He is crossing over to work on the other side of the lake. It is not their idea; it is His. It is not their purpose, it is His. It is not their mission, it is His. He has invited the disciples to go along with him. His mission is to set the captives free but He is inviting us to join him. Our story is not that Jesus is with us but that we are with him. The church is not a human organisation on a mission to love the world, inviting Jesus to come with us but He is on a mission, he is in the earth; He is touching people and we are with him.
I think that is why He said “Where is your faith.” He thought they would understand that if the boat trip didn’t originate with them, the safety and effectiveness doesn’t depend upon them either.
Our faith just needs to be in his ability to keep us not in our ability to hold on.
Friend, when a storm from the enemy comes into our life, freshly submit to God. Say Lord “I’m on the mission with you. You are in the boat and this is your storm!” Matthew 28 says “As they went the Lord worked with them,” because it was His work. And friend, if we are following Jesus and in His boat, it is never going to sink.


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