God’s Pain

Job sat friendless, childless, home-less and covered in dust and sores. It is easy to feel for someone like Job. We have all lost loved ones or things we cherished. Maybe we have had financial losses or been sick and no miracle came. They are painful times but maybe because it’s our pain, we feel some-how that God feels His pain less.
God created the world for his family and dreamed of days ahead when He would walk with His children in His beautiful creation. He wanted to walk though the leafy garden and the trees radiating heavenly health, but it would be soon ripped from Him, when His child rebelled against Him and invited Satan to take over the property of God. He imagined with longing, his children gathered around Him, reaching up to hold His hand or stretching out their arms to be picked up, but instead man walked away and left God childless. In one day God lost all that was dear and even the planet. We think that His pain is somehow less acute than Jobs, yet He lost all his children and his property in one day. He also still feels the barbs of a billion rejections, by people that owe him but don’t care.
Friend, the pain of God’s loss is at a level and a scale that only a God could bear, but our God truly understands your pain and He is truly with you, in your loss too


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