The Lord is my Shepherd

David was a man who knew he was to lead a nation. He was a man who had passion and a promise, but there was little in his circumstances, that looked like he was being positioned for kingship.
But David knew the way God achieves His purposes, is not the way that a man would think. David understood that God was not raising just a king for a nation, but He was raising up a Psalmist for a nation, who wouldn’t just sing worship songs but live a worship life. A man is not defined by his clothes or education but his worship. David was not anointed because of his office but because of his heart. God doesn’t raise a man or a women but a message and the degree that God can anoint that person, is the degree that the message or word has become flesh. God wants their heart and their life to be consistent with the message they carry.
In this Psalm, we see the over arching conviction that David had, was that God was his Shepherd and was leading him in his life. The emphasis is on trusting Jehovah. God was his source and strength. It is a statement of supreme worship.
If we love God-our steps are ordered by Him to forge a message in your life. David knew that restrictions and contradictions to his dream, couldn’t decide his destiny. He knew his times were in the hand of the Lord.
Friend, like us, David may not have understood everything but he believed that God was big enough to accomplish His plans in the midst of every circumstance; that in spite of hardship, enemies, trouble and dishonor, God was working out His plan to make him more than a king, but a message, a global and timeless messenger of worship of honor and trust in God.


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