The Book of Esther tells us that when the king was looking for a bride, the prospective women went in before the king, there was a year of primping, grooming, teaching and instruction. This was time to dress up. Each girl had an unlimited budget; they could wear anything they wanted and they all went shopping at the king’s expense. Each girl thought “How can I dress to impress. What will make me stand out and look really great?”
But when it was Esther’s turn she asked Hegai the kings chamberlain, what would please the king most. A chamberlain was someone who was allowed into the bedchamber of the king. He knew the Kings most personal and intimate likes and dislikes. Esther is the only girl that asked Hegai. (perhaps this was the signal between the King and the chamberlain). Finding favor with the King is not about us; how we look or what suits me but what suits Him. What is His style and preference? How do I adorn myself to please the King?
Because Esther asked the one who new the king best, she came wearing the colour he liked the most, with just the jewelry he liked best, and the king couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Do we dress, worship and enter into His presence in a way that pleases us or in a way that gives Him pleasure? Do we do what everyone else is doing or what we feel like doing or do we lift our hands with our heart in full adoration and pour out our devotion in worship.
Friend, ask the Holy Spirit what pleases the king. The bible challenges us to please the Lord and not to please ourselves. Let’s arrive ready to to impress only Him and it will draw Him to us even more.


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