Power when in Need

Moses thought hard about what God had just said.”I won’t destroy all your enemies at once, so that those who had not known war would have the opportunity to learn warfare.” It sounded like there was a blessing or something beneficial about having to fight battles.
God’s purpose is to raise up over comers and a great army of disciples. When you said yes to Jesus, you enlisted in Gods army. We all have to learn warfare. God says that He gains honor when His people win in the battles. Ex 14.17
Why do we need some opposition? Why the presences of enemies? We only receive increased amount of Grace in a time of increasing need. You know there are some things God only puts on the table in the presence of enemies. He only provides these to us, when we have enemies or challenges. In other words, most times we receive something from God, it is because we need it. In an environment where you need nothing, you will probably receive nothing. The Christian life is a life of being needy. Get used to it. We need Jesus and His power every day to live as a Christian.
You can’t heal the sick without Jesus; forgive every one that you should without Jesus, cast out devil without Jesus or love all your enemies without His power every day.
Friend, for more power, we just need to face more enemies.


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