Seated at the Kings table

David’s kingdom was established and he now had time to think about the promises he’d made to the men who had helped him. He asked if there was any one of Jonathan’s house that was still alive, as he had promised Jonathon he would be kind to his descendants. He was told there was one; a lame boy called Mephibisheth. After he was called to the palace and told of the kindness he was to receive, Mephibosheth stayed on to live as one of David’s son in the palace. While Mephibosheth was seated at the table of the king no one knew he was lame.
The gospel of Salvation is that God has provided a table for every man. While religion is what man seeks to provide to God, the Truth is that God has provided for man, a table of forgiveness and mercy which we as lame people, are invited to sit and feast with our royal king Jesus.
Friend, when you sit the kings table with Jesus, you look unbeatable, strong and full of grace and strength, to the devil, but if we move away from the table, we appear as we are in truth when independent; both lame and weak.


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