Who are you

Both the twelve spies and Abraham were told to see the Promised Land and then walk in it. In the Epistles we see what God has done for us and then we are told to be what you are; or see it then walk in it.
Our feet represent our walk, so we are to walk straight, not to the left or to the right, in order to get to our inheritance. Once the people of Israel were there, the biggest challenge God had was getting them into the land because their identity hadn’t changed. They still saw themselves as weak slaves and as victims. God had tried to change their identity, by revealing who they were and whose they were.
Identity is about who we are, who I am related to, and what value do I have to them. So a child’s identity is related to their father and their mother and understanding that they are valuable to them. We get our identity from seeing the approving and loving face of our father growing up. The images of his smile and care and encouragement and love even when we fail, develops our identity.
Who we think we are, will determine what we do and what we act like.
For us to become who we really are, God deals with our identity. God changes our behaviour by changing our identity.
John’s gospel, chronicles the journey of a believer from a sheep, to servant, to a disciple, to a friend and finally to a son.
All of these relationships up to son are good but if our identity is based upon them we will always be vulnerable to condemnation and defeat. It is difficult to be a cross carrying servant every day and it not easy loving everyone as a disciple each day or trying to be God s friend.
Friend the problem with all of those roles is it is all about what we have done or we must do, instead of what Jesus has done for us, but finally as sons, we are something that God has done entirely for us. Our identity is found in being the son of our loving Heavenly Father, who has revealed His face to us in Jesus Christ.


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