Seeing Him

The disciples were enjoying a night at dinner with the Master. The disciples were all close to Jesus but one disciple seemed to be the closest of the twelve. John leaned upon the chest of Jesus as the sat at the table.
This tells us so much about Jesus and so much more about John. John was close enough to ask questions that others dared not ask. Have you ever thought about why John was so special to Jesus? Jn 13.23-15. It doesn’t say that Jesus loved him more than the others just that he was the one who Jesus loved.
Everybody could see he had a special relationship with Jesus. He seems so comfortable just lying on the chest of Jesus. We often wonder what made John feel so comfortable that he could lean back on the chest of another man. What freed John from being self-consciousness and to be able to follow his heart? He wasn’t loved most but he was able to receive the most love. Of all the disciples, John understood Jesus the best; he understood what Jesus the Creator wanted. John knew how Jesus wanted to love and he knew how to love Jesus in response. The Creator wanted to be loved, He wanted us to be close and He wanted to be leaned upon. He wants to be trusted and He wants us to be comfortable and un-self-conscious in his presence. If Johns actions pleased Jesus most, what more does it tell us about Jesus? It tells us that Jesus is affectionate. It tells us that He is fatherly; it tells us that He is open to people coming very close to Him. It shows that Jesus was consistently loving, as John was in no doubt he would be received with joy. John’s actions were changed by what he saw in Jesus! He acted in ways no one else did, because he saw things of Jesus no one else saw.
Friend, we will be changed to act more like Him when we see Him as He is.


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