Subjects of the Kingdom

A biblical kingdom is something not well understood. The king had absolute power over all and everyone, in his kingdom. He decided what people did, where they lived and when they went to war. But he also was responsible for his subjects -he was the minister of defense, health, education, social welfare and justice.
God was the king of Israel and so when He led them out of Egypt He fed them, watered them, protected them and healed them. A good and responsible King! They still complained and asked for a human king.
When Jesus comes as King of the Jews, He said “Good news -you can be part of my kingdom – it’s here. Repent and get in line with king of heaven”.
Like Israel previously they loved the king’s provision but they did not like his provisos. Everyone wanted to receive from the king but very few wanted to be subject to the king. They wanted Jesus to be sovereign over their needs but not their will – to be King over there problems but not king over their hearts. It takes two to make kingdom. The king and subjects who enjoy and accept His will.
Friend, this means if you choose to be His subject, He will take responsibility for you. He will be King over everything in your life, for you, if you will be His subject!
I think someone said “Seek first the Kingdom and all these thing shall be added unto you.”


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