The need to Worship

Worship is the foremost duty of mankind. A man’s worship determines who a man is and who a man becomes. When you see a man at worship, you’re seeing the real man, because a man is defined by his worship not by his money or his body. A man is never more manly, than when he worships, because when a man worships he is doing what a man is created to do.
It didn’t matter that Moses was a shepherd or a fishermen but it did matter that he was a worshipper. Worship was never about what was going on at the Tabernacle or the church or singing or clapping, it is not about anything that man can see us doing, but it is about the unseen.
Worship is from the heart. In fact worship and all of your true spiritual life is life that is unseen. Like the roots of a tree and the foundation of the building they are unseen but are the most important part.
Friend, prayer and worship that is unseen and secret is the only thing that our Father sees and rewards according to Jesus, and he should know.


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