Worship is just right

The man who had the legion of demons cast out of him, sat at the feet of Jesus and worshiped Him. He was truly healed.
When you and I worship, the whole universe sings. Angels, celestial bodies, the beach and the bush all rejoice because somehow creation understands that chaos happened when men and angels first ceased to worship. When Lucifer ceased to worship, all hell broke loose upon the earth, and when Adam ceased to worship God and instead worshiped himself, his soul was fractured.
Worship of the true and living God is the glue of the universe. Worship holds all created things in there correct orbit around the throne and to be healed we must return to be worshipers. Worship heals the soul. Worship is the foremost integrator of mankind’s being and personality.
When a person begins to worship God, it is a sign they are beginning to see reality. Men always worship after they see the Lord. No one is more in his right mind, than the person who sees everything clearly including God and himself.
Friend, today worship Him and continue to be made whole. The trees will clap their hands too.


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