It’s not coming home

The old farmer picked out his best calf for the offering. The moment it was chosen it was as good as dead. It couldn’t be used for anything else. The kids wouldn’t ride it, mum wouldn’t milk it, and the farmer couldn’t use it to breed or even for a BBQ.
A sacrifice, literally meant a slaughter. The Hebrew word is Holocaust. It represented the offer-er who was saying “I am offering myself, I lay myself before you. The chosen sacrifice was offered totally to him in worship. If you went down the tabernacle it would have seemed a horrible sight. Bloody knives, searing meat, smoke and cattle standing around waiting to be killed but David changed all that. He figured something out. He knew that God did not desire the blood of bulls and goats, but rather the sacrifice of a broken and a contrite heart
David realized that God would rather have offered to Him, the whole heart of a living man, than the lifeless carcass of a bull or a goat.
Worship is when we offer ourselves a living sacrifice. Rom 12.1 Worship is not when we sing Holy Holy and it’s not a style of song during the service. It’s not even good music for if God was looking for good music, He could replay a Mozart concert. If he was looking for great musician there is Eric Clapton, in fact if He is looking for worship he could play a Hill song CD, but Father is seeking worshipers.
Friend, worship is not a style or speed of a song, it’s our life style, living totally sacrificed to Him. Don’t give Him a “time of worship” but be a worshiper!


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