A Good Ending

Jesus led the disciples from the upper room, outside to the garden. The Garden of Gethsemane was an old established garden at the bottom to the Mount of Olives. (Luke 22) It was a good place to be quiet and pray but it is also a place where you wrestle with difficult decisions. It is a place where you seem to have to say the same prayer over and over again. It is a place that we come to, because sometimes it seems that God wants things for us that we don’t want for ourselves.
We know how Gethsemane and the cross will turn out, but Jesus didnt. In the process to the promise He is still wondering and struggling.
Often it seems that God shows us what will happen at the end of our life but the middle is a mystery. Books usually have a happy ending so people don’t buy them for the ending, but for the middle. We know we are going to end up okay but the middle is less known. Early on in life we are optimistic in life but often it’s because we don’t know all of the things that could happen.
Friend, in the middle of your story, you may face a Gethsemane. Trust God and His plans for you. Make the right decision, because He has a great ending in mind for you.


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