Who is with me now?

Jesus had left the nine disciples behind and taken his three friends into the garden of Gethsemane. (Luke 22) He then left the three nearby as He went to pray. Gethsemane was a beautiful but painful place.. In the garden of Gethsemane we seem to get separated from others and realize the only one going through this is us. There were twelve people, then there was three. There are less and less others, who can experience this with you. It is the fellowship of His suffering. He wanted someone to be with him, so He kept going back to get from them something they couldn’t give. Sometimes you keep going back to find people asleep and then God says my grace is sufficient. This Gethsemane is not going to change but you don’t need what and who, you thought you needed.
Friend, the question God is asking is do you want Grace or do you want to be delivered, because when things don’t turn out how you expected, there is a grace for every garden. And as one preacher said “if you keep talking to God in your Gethsemane, you’ll be able to say to those who you have been looking to and expecting from…sleep on.”


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