The Good Life

The preacher told another story of how thousands of dollars came in after he made an offering and assured the crowd the same would happen to them. And maybe it will; or not…
In the west we tend to think that God’s blessing means money, or that material riches is a sign of God’s blessing. Many believe in the good life of Christian triumphalism and success, the really successful godly Christians all have beautiful wives, their children all have straight teeth and even if they’re not God will always provide money for braces and Harley-Davidson’s. The message they preach seems to be if you become a follower of Jesus you will enjoy the good life, but even people like heathen kings were rich without God blessing. You can be rich without the blessing of God, many are. You can get rich without God’s help; maybe even the devil will help you if it will keep you from Christ.
Sure, Jesus said he came to give us an abundant life and I believe He wants us to prosper in every-way: spiritually emotionality relationally and yes even materially. But does it mean that God keeps us from harm, hurt, troubles, despair or accidents always and everywhere, right to end of our lives, when we are whisked into heaven on painless beds of ease? Does it mean that our marriage will be blissful every day of the year; that our children will be the top of the class and be spared freckles or pimples? Does it mean that we will get mortgages 2% lower than everybody else and the sun always shines only above our house? No friend, maybe not but it does means being pursued by our loving Father every day. It means His delight in you as His child and the acceptance you have is complete and abundant. It means having His divine peace to rule our hearts and the promise that His powerful presence will be with us in abundance. Most of all it means he lives His life in us every minute of every day and that is abundant Life!


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