The cost of the anointing

Jesus and His disciples walked among the old olive trees. They were scarred and had seen a lot of history pass them by. Jesus went down into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray with His disciples. In the midst of olive grove there is an olive press. At harvest time the olives are shaken off the trees, and crushed in the press, to release its oil. (Mark 14)
Every drop of the oil is produced from an awful lot of pressure. Some say the price of the olive oil under the pulpit is only four dollars, but that’s because they are not the olive. It seems that although we have the Holy Spirit as a gift, the increased release of the anointing oil of Gods Spirit in our lives, comes from being pressed and crushed. We don’t know the cost of someone’s anointing. Paul said he was “pressed beyond measure” and shared in Christ’s suffering. Sometimes we want to be anointed like somebody else, but we forget we don’t get it from going under some ones hands but from under going similar sufferings in our life.
Friend, it costs a lot to keep a sweet spirit when all hell is against you, but if you continue, your anointing will increase in its blessing and effect.


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