Will you?

Above the strains of constant worship, the voice of the Father could be heard as He talked with Jesus. “Are you prepared to lose the status of family, for they will say you are just a carpenters son?”
“Are you ready to have no wealth to call you own, for you will have nowhere to lay your head?”
“You will have no respectability for they will scoff “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth”
Men will say with scorn “We don’t know who his father is”
“Are you ready to lose all independence, for you will require others to minister to you from their substance?”
“Are you prepared to give up all your knowledge, to be a simple man and only know what I show you?
“Will you give up all superiority and become a servant?”
Then the heavenly harmonies seemed to quiet to a soft murmur as if every angel strained to hear the reply of Jesus. “I will.”
For the second time the words “I will” were heard in heaven. Not “I will ascend to heaven, I will raise my throne above to be like the most high.”
But, I will descend to earth; I will give up the throne; I will descend to the depths and I will become like a man.
Friend, the son of God became a mere man that mere men may become the sons of God. He chose the Fathers will in order to include all mankind in his family. We also must choose the fathers will to include our self in that family. Fathers will or our will determines our destiny still.


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