Elijah was running from the woman Jezebel. After his awesome victory in Mount Carmel, he was scared and running for his life. His greatest moment morphed into one of his worst moments. God was preparing him for something else and the Bible shows us that in the process of personal growth, you can go from a high place to a low place quite quickly. (1 Kings 19) Elijah asks to die! Sometimes we ask to be removed from the process which God is using to bring us through to our promise. For everything you have in God, there is a price to pay. There is no glory without a story. No baby without labour and no degree without study. We want to a quick solution; just take a pill and be slim. But no; there is a process. Fortunately, we can cope with things when we understand it’s normal. A pregnant lady is swollen but she knows it’s normal. Some hard times are normal and the juniper tree plus the cave, was preparing him for his destiny.
In his troubles Elijah felt alone; it was a very personal problem. Elijah had lost perspective and was not looking at the situation correctly. In life it seems that how you feel about what you going through counts more than what you are going through. Some people who realise they can’t change their problem; understand they can change their perspective.
Friend, God is developing you for your future and many times it is the hard moments that we have to deal with, that really develop us the most. We can’t change having to go through our preparation trials, but we can change how we look at it.


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