Who are you trying to be?

Moses got up each morning and looked at the tents of the people stretching out for miles into the distance. He was amazed that he and millions of people that followed him each day, were walking through the desert. It was exceptional. Moses was an exceptional leader. I mean who else has done that? Joseph was an exceptional prime minister. Not many prisoners become the ruler of their nation in a day. Job had exceptional suffering and then was exceptionally blessed. David was an exceptional sinner and worshipper.
All theses and others like the apostle Paul were exceptional, but we lose sight of the fact that they were also unique too, just like you. There will never be another you and there will never be another Paul, and if we think that our life will follow some exceptional path, just like it did for Moses you may be disappointed. Your wealth may not double after you have had a time of real hardship, just because Jobs did. You probably won’t have an opportunity to become the prime minster just because Joseph did.
I think God must be looking for some of His people to be “ordinary”. To live ordinary supernatural lives as chemists, mothers and fridge repairers! I’e heard a a number of prophesies over young people “You are called out to change your nation-to affect generations -to raise up a godly army-to be a great leader in ministry; so take up the sword for you will proclaim the truth and preach the word to thousands”.
I’ve never heard a prophecy yet “you will not be noticed -you will be a servant in the background all your life, you’ll take up the towel and give your life away in service of others and never be heard by thousands. You may even have trouble in your life or marriage but I will use that to grow your character and you will share my love and my gospel where ever you go.” Yes God will have some exceptional leaders for a nation but he also needs great leaders of tens and hundreds and great leaders humbly serving their families.
Friend, you are unique and God has plans for you to be all you can be. You are not called to be any one that you’re not, but you are called to rise up to become all that you can be.


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