Just fix it

We live our lives a lot like Abraham; looking for a city not made with hands, unseen in the heavens, yet each day he picked up his tent and cooking pots and walked on. He kept looking for the eternal and the invisible but what he saw every day was the temporal and the visible. The fight of faith is to believe that which we have not yet seen yet there is much to learn from the things we can see and the natural world we live in.
Solomon the wise men said in almost every chapter of Ecclesiastes “I have seen”. There are spiritual things going on in our life and there are natural thing happening which can be seen, and God expects us to deal with both.
There is not much “spiritual talk” in Proverbs Song of Songs and Ecclesiastics, because some problems need natural answers. If your toaster is broken, fasting isn’t going to fix it. If you have not spent time with your wife for a whole week, more praying in tongues won’t fix it. Neither can we fight spiritual enemies and problem with carnal weapons. If your miserable because Satan is oppressing you, watching another comedy on TV won’t deliver you.
Friend, we need to live fully attuned to the Holy Spirit seeking those things above, but live with wisdom and discernment in the natural world too. Natural problems require natural solutions and spiritual problems need Holy Spirit answers.


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