Don’t make me wait

The old farmer leans on his shovel and looks at the field. It been a few weeks since he planted seed and still the field hasn’t turned green with new spouts. But he’s not worried and he’s not impatient. He knows there is a due season.
Patience is not, being able to wait, anyone can do that but its waiting with the right attitude of faith and trust. I have had some things stretch my patience for years. Not just one two but many years till I’ve said in frustration “Lord how much longer?” Most people have enough faith to trust God for a day. If God sorts it after a day, they can be happy but fewer people have faith to trust God, if it takes six or ten years.
In the kingdom there can only be one Lord and trials of faith and patience, teach us that He is God and that we are dependent upon him. We can rejoice in trials, because they develop patience in us. Trials sometimes bring other things out of us too that is not patience, like anger! We only have the character we have in the midst of a trial. Anyone can look patient on a slow yacht in their holidays.
Friend, Paul had to learn to be content, so it didn’t happen overnight. He didn’t find it easily and neither will we. When we are impatient or frustrated, God doesn’t see as failures; we are never losers only learners. He is glad His children are growing and for us…well, thank Him that the answer is another day closer!


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