The process is not the promise

The ship was rolling in the heavy seas as the powerful storm called the Euroclydon threatened her safety. Paul had anticipated the danger when he first boarded the ship. The weather was bad but it wasn’t a mistake; the wind was ordered. It wasn’t comfortable but it was commissioned. Paul didn’t ask for it but he needed it. This was just part of the process for his promise to be fulfilled.
To grow though troubles we need to realise it is only part of the process that bring us to the promise. If God could have brought Israel into the Promised Land without change, He would have. If God needed you do have that job you just lost to become what you needed to be, you would never have lost it. If God knew you needed to have that job for you to become the women God intended you to be, you’d still have it. Everybody wants to look like a Schwarzenegger but nobody wants to spend three hours at the gym. We all want the promise but less want the process. Nobody expects a degree without study. We grow though change and trials if we meet with God in the midst of our changes. Paul met with God in the midst of his troubles. He didn’t just go through the storm, he grew through the storm.
Friend when you face difficult times or change, it may only last a short time but be an important part of the process toward your destiny. Gods plan, is that the test becomes part of your testimony.


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