Prosper in Heart

When Israel left the Egypt it should have taken them only eleven days to get to Canaan but it took them 40 years to enter in. When Anneke and I were married, we borrowed Dads car and drove to the South Island. It took eleven days to get right around the South Island and back to Auckland.
Imagine taking forty years to finish our trip. We would have left aged twenty one and arrived back in Papakura to start serious married life, at sixty one!
It took them 40 years to make an eleven day trip. That is a long time in the wilderness. Deut 11.2
The wilderness is a place that all of us need to pass through for our heart to be revealed to us (God already knows it), and for us to allow God to change our heart and soul to a place of prospering. We don’t have to stay there yet some of us do. Sometimes we wonder why we still have to go through the same trials in our life over and over.
Our heart matters to God and He is always observing it. The bottom line is the sooner we can get the wilderness mentalities out of our life the sooner we can be promoted or allowed to pass into the Promised Land. A man and a woman become what they are first in their heart. Israel’s heart was not capable of taking them any further. They were negative and allowed discouragement to keep them out of Gods best for their life. Our heart will determine how much of Gods plan for us we will enjoy. Set your mind on higher things – set it on right things, be thankful. Let it be transformed so you are able to experience the perfect will of God.
Friend, we all must go through some type of wilderness but what’s going on in your soul, determines how long you stay there!


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