Growing in the Lord

 The old farmer walked home as the sun slowly set behind him. He was happy the seeds had been sown and with rain about to fall, there was nothing more to do but wait. God too wants us to grow from babies into fully mature sons of God but He knows that we can’t make ourselves grow up. If a parent said to his child to hurry up and increase in height it would be impossible. Jesus said “consider the lilies of the field. They don’t toil or spin yet they are beautiful” He also said. “which of you can by worry can add an inch to your height?’ In other words you cannot make yourself grow up. God only, can make you grow. The seed, the flower, the lily of the field does nothing except receive. It just stays connected to the ground or to the vine. Similarly the little baby, doest try to grow; it just grows. The DNA says grow. And as long as it receives, it will grow. Friend, continue to receive the seed of the Word and the grace of God and the water of the Spirit and you will grow.


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