The Cause or the Consequence

It was a beautiful moment for Peter and James as they witnessed the total healing and change of a lame man touched by the power of Jesus name.
Act 3:3 Seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple, he asked to receive alms. And fastening his eyes on him, Peter with John said, Look on us!

It was a perfectly timed moment. The man had just been carried there by his friends. He had just arrived and was beginning to call out to people. Five minutes later he would, have missed Peter and John walking past. He was there at the one moment, the only two people in the city who could help him, walked by.
God is good at that. There are the perfectly time moments, that He creates for us and others, so we can intersect with his love and his mercy. May be today is that day for you?
The man was sitting there asking for mercy and money but Peter and James gave him what he never asked for. And something he never thought was possible. The lame man never went into the temple to get mercy from God but thought he try to get some from people. He was about to get some mercy from God anyway, because God no longer lived in the temple but in the temple of the apostles and the other Christians.
Today we don’t have many literally lame people sitting outside the church building, but spiritually, emotionally and relationally lame people are begging at the beautiful gate, all around us. They could be sitting in the cafe or at the boardroom table but they are looking for entrance into that beautiful moment. Who can give me what I need and most people think what they need is physical but it’s not. The lame man was outside the temple asking for something he thought he could get from men because he never thought he could get from God inside the temple, what he really needed.
Friends, God loved him like he loves you and me and so He came to him outside the temple, in the temple of Peter and John. The lame man was asking for help with the consequences rather than to be healed of the cause. Peter and James dealt with cause; lameness, not the consequences; being broke. Today you might have a moment when you are able to heal the root cause of the pain and trouble in people lives. It will be a beautiful moment. A perfect time. To let God “out of the temple” and into people!


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